During This Break In The Action, Try Not To Slap Whoever’s Messing Up At Bat This Year

Before I say anything else, I want to make it clear that I’m not trying to discourage anyone from buying the app. If you’re a baseball fan, you absolutely should. $20 for every radio broadcast of every game all season long on all of your devices? It almost feels like theft. I renew mine every […]

You’ll Be Ok. Just Swallow One Of These Tubes And Call Me Tomorrow When I’ve Slept It Off

Usually when somebody talks about having a drink to take the edge off, it’s entirely sensible and maybe even not the worst idea in the world. But there’s taking the edge off and then there’s telling the folks who are investigating the death of the woman you killed by putting the breathing tube into her […]

If I Was A Death Penalty Guy, I’d Fry Him For This

Brownlee began arguing with his wife “over not having enough fried chicken leftovers,” according to a police report. Shay Alamo, Brownlee’s wife of four years, told investigators that the 3 AM dispute escalated into a physical confrontation. Alamo, 40, said that Brownlee pushed her into their bedroom, where he then shoved her onto the bed. […]