I Know He Said I Had The Right To Remain Silent, But You’re Just So Good!

I could have sworn I posted this one, but a decent enough look around tells me otherwise. So yeah, let’s be fixing that because this takes some serious balls…and wieners…and baby makers…and beer…and possibly drugs but we’re not really sure…and…absolutely no damn sense whatsoever. I mean, holy shit! Husnik, who was on probation, was handcuffed […]

Jack Ely Died. What Did You Say? I Said Jack Ely Died. I Can’t Understand You. Jack Ely Died. What? I’m Calling The FBI. Maybe They Can Make Sense Of It

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4V1p1dM3snQ The Kingsmen – Louie Louie Jack Ely, the voice that sang on the most famous version of Louie Louie, has died of something or other at the age of 71. According to this report he’d been battling it for quite a while, but because of his father’s religious beliefs not even his son knows […]

Gummy Chicks, He Wants All Their Teeth To Hit The Bricks. He May Even Pull Out 5 Or 6, He Likes His Gummy Chicks

I’m not going to question Philip Lyle Hansen’s fetish. Everyone likes what they like and if large, toothless females or “fat, gummy women” as he apparently likes to phrase it are his thing, who am I to judge? But I’ll tell you what I am going to question. Just how in the name of the […]

That’s Different

If I didn’t tell you that this is Tom DeLonge, the higher pitched, more nasal voiced singer from Blink-182, would you have had any idea? I don’t think I would have. It’s not bad, but it’s not anything overly special on first listen. Let’s call it interesting, since he at least has me interested in […]

Whoop Whoop, That’s Da Sound Of Disease, Whoop Whoop, Get The Rest Of Your Shots Please

This post about anti-vaccers reminded me that I wanted to write something about a story I saw 3 weeks ago. Well, considering how old some of the stories are that I’ve kept around to possibly post about, this one’s goddamn current. So the story goes that an Ottawa family had vaccinated a couple of their […]