Bringing Down The Hammer

Boy, I bet it sucks to be this guy right now.

Indian Hills Police Chief Kelly Spratt said Isaacs was hit from behind as he attempted to turn into a residential area and is lucky to be alive. Witnesses and Isaacs told police he was signaling the turn when he was hit and was thrown back into the car’s windshield and on to the pavement.
Spratt said the driver told police he didn’t see Isaacs because of the sun’s glare.

Sounds like an unfortunate but fairly standard car vs. bike accident, except for one thing. The Isaacs in question just happens to be Darryl Isaacs, perhaps better known to some as the Kentucky Hammer. No, he’s not a wrestler, a boxer or an MMA guy. What he is is one of those personal injury lawyers who’s ads are constantly all over TV.

You just know he’s going to sue the pants off this guy. He’d better at least try, or it’ll make the profession look even worse than the ceaseless barrage of commercials already does. Those lawyers do have some catchy songs and slogans though, I must say.

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