Shhhhh. I’m Playing A Game Of Hide And Tell Everybody With The Cops Right Now

Dumbasses get busted by their own social media stupidity all the time, but this ass seems especially dumb.

Christopher Wallace, wanted by the Somerset County Sheriff’s Office in connection with a Pierce Pond Township burglary, made two mistakes Sunday night.
The first one was posting a message on Snapchat saying he was back in his Norridgwock Road home after the department made it public several weeks ago they were looking for him.

The department was tipped off about the post, and that’s when Wallace, 24, made his second mistake.
The sheriff’s office said he posted another Snapchat message saying the police were in the house looking for him and he was hiding in a cabinet.
The new message prompted more phone calls to a department dispatcher and police easily found him in the cabinet.

Some set of friends he must have.

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