Who Wants A Cold One That Used To Be A Warm One?

Brewing company makes beer out of human urine I don’t see how this is all that revolutionary. Coors has been doing it for years. Although these guys have the decency to treat it first, so I guess there’s that.

An Oregon brewing company is making an alarmingly yellow-looking beer out of other people’s poo and wee.
Local firm Clean Water Services makes drinkable water out of sewage, according to Yahoo News – using a ‘high purity’ recycling system to turn urine, poo and waste water into clear, drinkable stuff.
This week, local health authorities cleared the firm to send recycled sewage to local home brewers Oregon Brew Crew to make into beer.
The idea is to show off just how clean and tasty their water is – and health authorities say there is a ‘low health risk overall’.

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