Hey Backpacker. Wanna See My Bag?

Most news headlines are pretty quick and to the point, but in the case of William Nicolas O’Donnell I kind of understand why they may have felt it necessary to title this one Women aged under 40 banned from Northern Territory man’s farm after he threatened backpacker with a knife and forced one to watch him masturbate Seriously, what other way is there to describe every bit of off the rails within?

Three travellers – one man and two women – bought tour guide services he advertised online, and he took them to Litchfield National Park, in January, 2014.
He got drunk and insisted one woman sleep in his tent, then spooned her naked against her wishes.
He had a tantrum and demanded money, threatening the travellers with a 15cm cooking knife, when the victim said she was leaving.
He got drunk again and forced the same woman to stay in a car with him while he masturbated after pestering her for sex.

You can read the whole thing if you’d like, but the rest makes about as much sense as what you’ve already seen. Also, I wish they had better explained his apparent obsession with backpackers.

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