If You Get It Up One More Time, You’re Going Down

This is hilarious. Dangerous and awful, but hilarious.

An officer was flagged down about a man trapped in a portable toilet near the Eastbank Esplanade at 8 a.m.
The Honey Bucket’s door was against the ground, so Portland Fire & Rescue personnel responded to lift it back up and free the man who was inside.
The 48-year-old homeless man was not injured, according to police, but he was covered in “fecal matter” and waste from the tank of the porta-potty.
An anonymous homeless person approached the crews at the scene and said the man had been in the porta-potty with his pants around his ankles, “pleasuring himself” as he held the door open.
The witness told officers that other homeless people in the area were tired of the man’s behavior, so they knocked over the porta-potty and ran away.

None of those people were found, and for whatever reason (probably the old I think he’s suffered enough for one day), the…um…victim? was not charged. Police were nice enough to find him some clean clothes, however.

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