Ma’am, Step Out Of Our Car

I’m sure I could find more were I to dig, but for now let’s say that Mashara Mefford has 2 major strikes against her. Not only did she think it a good idea to break into a car that just happened to be one of those marked police ones, but she also seems to be another one who’s mind it slipped that it’s damn near impossible to legitimately lock yourself inside with no means of escape.

Officials with Metro Police said Mashara Mefford broke into a squad car early Wednesday morning. The cruiser was parked at the Music City Center.
Officers arrived and found Mefford locked inside the car. When asked to get out, she ripped a tablet off its stand and tried to break out a window with it. 
Police said she was screaming that she did not know how to open the door.

They eventually managed to talk her through the process and get her out, at which point she was taken into custody so probably put right back in. She was charged with vandalism and public intoxication because, police say, she had slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, smelled strongly of alcohol, swayed back and forth as they talked and seriously, she just locked herself in our goddamn car. I may have added that last one myself, but you know they were thinking it.

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