I meant to do this last week, but work has a way of sapping my brain of words and thoughts.

A long time ago, I mentioned a dog named Pasta. Wow, that was almost 7 years ago, and it’s really funny to read all that stuff. Anyway, I got the sad news last week that Pasta is not with us anymore. She got cancer, and it seemed to be quite relentless. I guess, eventually, it won.

I remember Pasta from the GDB reunion. She was super frisky. I remember once being on the floor, and she decided my ear lobes were good to nibble on. She never really hurt me, just sort of lick lick lick nibbled them. She was a good beasty.

Pasta was not that much older than Trix. When dogs around her age die, it brings it home how short their life-span really is. I hope Trix lives until she’s 14 or 15 like some dogs I know, but I also know the reality is we may not be that lucky.

I will think of Megan, Pasta’s handler. It will be weird when she gets a new dog.

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