So Long Roger Mayer, And Thanks For Saving All The Memories

I just read about the death of one of those largely unfamiliar people who should probably be a household name. His name is Roger Mayer and without him, TV, movies, the internet and I’d even suggest our understanding of history to an extent would be a lot different than it is and not in a […]

Once You Go Black You Never Go Back…Until Your Clever Disguise Washes Off

You almost have to give Jose Espinoza here some creativity points. Sensing that the police were on to the stolen car he had parked near his home and likely either knew who he was or were close to finding out, Espinoza did what most people would do. He ran. And though you can argue the […]

Mark Pollock Goes To The Pay Window. Hopefully He Doesn’t Fall Out Of It

I really really really really really wish that somebody could describe for me the exact window that Mark Pollock fell out of, because I still can’t work out in my brain how a fully grown adult (even a blind one such as himself) manages that under normal circumstances without being wasted as hell times 14. […]

Blind Dude Who Survived The South Pole Somehow Nearly Killed By A Bathroom Search Window Plunge

Carin sent this along complete with the same question I have. Unless it was one of those great big picture windows with no screen and you could just walk right out into the sky, how the hell does this happen? We ask this question as blind people ourselves, just in case he or his friends […]

Welcome To KW, Uber

Unless something suddenly changes in the next few minutes, at 2 this afternoon Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph, Hamilton and London will officially have Uber. Predictably because this seems to happen everywhere it goes, its arrival has local taxi people and some politicians all upset. I get that part of the issue is safety and that is […]

Some Pretty Great News For One Of My Bad News Acquaintances

Well how about that. For once some good news coverage for a person I know. And even better, it’s somebody who once showed up in the shitty column. Before she was sentenced, Samantha Scott turned to a high-ranking Woodstock police officer, soon to become a London deputy chief, Daryl Longworth. She had a few choice […]

Kitchener Is Getting A New Downtown Farmers Market

Even though some of them aren’t on a bus route, are goddamn impossible to navigate independently when you’re blind or both, we’re pretty lucky around here as far as farmers markets go. And now it appears we’re getting one more. I hope the selection there is good, because the location sounds awfully convenient. I’m looking […]