You Look A Lot Like My Wife. Can I Borrow Some Money?

If your plan is to pilfer and attempt to utilize somebody’s custom debit card, it might be a good idea to take a good long look at the photo on it before you proceed with step two, just in case the woman in said photo and her powers of observation happen to be in the same checkout line as you are.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the woman had noticed her debit card was missing while shopping at the supermarket.
She initially figured she must have dropped it by accident earlier in the day, but a few minutes later while buying some headache medicine at Family Dollar, she spotted a man, woman and their child “shopping like it was Christmas…I looked at them grabbing toys and thought, ‘Someone hit the lottery.’”
Sensing something suspicious, she got behind the man in line at the cashier and watched as he tried to pay for the $200 in toys with her custom-designed Wells Fargo debit card.
“I said, ‘Dude, that’s my card. Give me my card please,’” she tells the AJC. “He says, ‘This is my wife’s card.’ I said, ‘No the hell it isn’t. Not with a picture of me, my daughter and puppy on the front. Give me my card.’”
She said the man, whose pre-teen son looked on in confusion, placed his thumb over the incriminating photo on the card while the card’s rightful owner called 9-1-1.

To his credit, the man, clearly repentant, remorseful and any other appropriate re, decided to use this as a teaching moment for his young son and returned the card complete with his sincerest apologies for his error in judgment.

Just kidding. He told the wife and kid to run for it and got the hell out of there. What site did you think you were reading?

He didn’t get far before police caught up with him…and found at least one more apparently stolen card on him during a search. He was arrested and charged, but neither of the 2 articles I’ve read specifically said with what.

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