There’s Video Of Last Year’s Tim Hortons Snake Toss

So remember last year when some guy threw a snake at the woman behind the counter in a Tim Hortons? Turns out there’s video of the incident.

After watching it, it looks as though the news got the story wrong. It doesn’t look at all like an argument over a food order. It’s more like a couple of guys one of whom sounds to me like he’s either drunk or mildly retarded intending to mess around and pull some sort of prank. Somewhat humourous lines about one of them wanting double bacon but not as much double bacon as the other make that pretty clear. What also seems pretty clear is that they had to have walked in there intending to do something with the snake, because we all know how hilarious a live animal throwing is, am I right? You don’t say “I’m going to release my snake” while your buddy is laughing and then throw in an “oh yes oh yes” for good measure when you’re hungry and in the midst of an argument, at least that’s not something I’d expect a reasonable person…never mind.

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