After Everyone Got A Fairview, Police Had To Carter Away

And now, Today’s reminder to stay off the drugs.

Police responded to an intersection in Fairview Shores, on the northern outskirts of Orlando, Sunday night after reports of a naked woman walking in traffic, the Orlando Sentinel reported. 
They found Amie Carter, 31, strutting in the street and wearing no clothes. She appeared to be “under of the influence (of) a heavy unknown substance” and “in an altered mental state,” according to a police report. Carter refused to be removed from the street and kicked her legs in the air when cops tried to subdue her. 
Police later determined that Carter pleasured herself in front of a couple in a Lexus, then climbed on top of it, stomped on its hood and threw a cell phone at a car stopped behind it.

Her outburst or whatever you want to call it is said to have done around $1,500 worth of damage to the Lexus, which given the cost of some of those things was probably located in the owner’s couch cushions.

Carter has been charged with criminal mischief and exposure of sexual organs, which sounds fancier than plain old indecent exposure, doesn’t it? If there’s a difference between the two, I’d love to know what it is. Google isn’t being all that helpful unless they can be used interchangeably and it’s all a matter of wording state by state.

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