Blind Dude Who Survived The South Pole Somehow Nearly Killed By A Bathroom Search Window Plunge

Carin sent this along complete with the same question I have.

Unless it was one of those great big picture windows with no screen and you could just walk right out into the sky, how the hell does this happen? We ask this question as blind people ourselves, just in case he or his friends get angry at us. that happens sometimes.

A blind man is suing his close friends after he fell out of a window at their home while trying to find the bathroom.
Mark Pollock, 39, from Dublin, has been left in a wheelchair after suffering a ‘catastrophic spinal injury’ as a result of the 25ft fall onto a patio.

Mr Pollock, who is the first blind man to ever reach the south pole and is a Commonwealth Games silver medallist, is now taking legal action against Enda and Madeline Cahill for leaving the window open on the second floor of their home in Henley-on-Thames.

He claims they were negligent in leaving the window open, given that they had a blind man staying at the house.

I know a lot of blind people. Hell, I am a blind people, like I said. I’ve stayed at many an unfamiliar house in my day, and not once have I ever thought to myself or had a conversation with anyone else about my fears of falling out the damn window when all I want is a leak. Unless this is a case of what I wondered about up top or some sort of freak accident, how the fuck did this clown ever make it to the South Pole and back in one piece?

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