Some Pretty Great News For One Of My Bad News Acquaintances

Well how about that. For once some good news coverage for a person I know. And even better, it’s somebody who once showed up in the shitty column.

Before she was sentenced, Samantha Scott turned to a high-ranking Woodstock police officer, soon to become a London deputy chief, Daryl Longworth.
She had a few choice words for him and another Woodstock officer.
“If you guys hadn’t kept busting me and putting my butt in jail, I never would have had this opportunity . . . Thank you both, and I mean that.”
Noticing Sgt. Heidi Becks wasn’t there, Scott joked the officer was probably busy finding new recruits for drug treatment court.
With a combination of humour, honesty and warmth, Scott became a rarity in London and the rest of Canada Tuesday — a woman graduating from the special court for addicted criminals.
In fact, she’s the first London graduate from the five-year-old court where people can avoid jail time by taking control of their lives through a lot of counselling and hard work.

You can read the whole thing here. Well done, Sam!

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