Mark Pollock Goes To The Pay Window. Hopefully He Doesn’t Fall Out Of It

I really really really really really wish that somebody could describe for me the exact window that Mark Pollock fell out of, because I still can’t work out in my brain how a fully grown adult (even a blind one such as himself) manages that under normal circumstances without being wasted as hell times 14. I’d also be interested in a survey of United Kingdom judges and their theories on how fully grown blind adults operate, because one of them has just decided that dumping yourself out a window is worth a couple million dollars worth of home insurance money which is completely absurd unless there’s something huge I’m missing here.

Mr Justice Davis ruled that the open window created an obvious risk for a blind person, particularly on the second storey of a house with nothing to prevent a fall to the ground below.
He ruled: “I am satisfied that the Cahills failed to discharge the common law duty of care they owed as occupiers.
“The open window was a real risk to Mr Pollock. They created that risk.”
Mr Pollock’s lawyers confirmed outside court that he had limited his claim to a maximum of £2 million, the limit of the Cahills’ household insurance.
Given the extent of his loss of earnings and future care needs, that was only a fraction of the total value of his claim.

What a guy.

Still wanna know how he fell out a window, though. Maybe Mr Justice Davis can sort it out for me, since the risk still isn’t obvious enough to at least one blind person.

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