Once You Go Black You Never Go Back…Until Your Clever Disguise Washes Off

You almost have to give Jose Espinoza here some creativity points.

Sensing that the police were on to the stolen car he had parked near his home and likely either knew who he was or were close to finding out, Espinoza did what most people would do. He ran. And though you can argue the wisdom of doing so, he ran to the safest place he could think of, that very same home. But since even he was wise enough to realize that simply staying inside and hoping for the best probably wasn’t going to cut it, he decided that a disguise was in order. And boy oh boy, what a disguise it was.

Photo of Jose Espinoza.
Obviously, anyone with even the slightest grasp on current events knows that historically, America’s police forces and its black communities have enjoyed a peaceful, harmonious relationship that sees most African Americans drawing little attention whatsoever from the authorities on an average day. Armed with this knowledge, Espinoza decided to undergo a transformation. Translation: He spray painted his face black in the hopes that if paid a visit, he’d get the old sorry, wrong house and the kind officers would be on their way.

You might think that these clearly well thought out precautions would be enough to ensure that he was in the clear, but that’s why he’s Jose Espinoza and you’re not.

Just to make sure that he had all of his bases covered, he took a final step. He hid. Where? Out in his yard, up against a white wall. You know, so he wouldn’t stand out.

He stood out, of course.

He’s since been charged with unlawful taking or driving of a vehicle and receiving stolen property.

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