Call The Cops And I’ll Kill You! No Way. You’ll Just Back Out Like You Always Do, You Jerk

I’ve lost count of how many times some fool has called the cops to straighten out a less than desirable drug transaction and I can even recall a prostitution deal or two going wrong over the years with similar results. But a customer and his hired hitman both calling the police to settle the monetary dispute sparked by the hitman not killing his customer’s daughter’s boyfriend as he was damn well paid to do? That’s different. It’s also a thing that really did occur a couple of months ago, it says here.

Joseph Larry Lopez, 59, allegedly paid David Allen Northcutt, 40, several thousand dollars to kill his adult daughter’s boyfriend, police said.
Warren did not disclose Friday why Lopez wanted the boyfriend dead or how long the two had been dating.
But when Northcutt didn’t follow through with the killing, Lopez demanded his money back, Warren said. The men got into a verbal argument and then called police, each claiming a money dispute. Warren said it was because of the good questioning from officers that they learned of the alleged murder-for-hire plot.

Colour me slightly skeptical of the level of interrogation it took to unravel a scheme concocted by Mensans of such high degree, but hey, at least no one was killed.

Both were taken into custody while formal charges were sorted out.

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