The Fine For Misusing 911 Is Probably Worth More Than The Drugs You Didn’t Get, Lady

This right here is basically your run of the mill drugged up idiot calls 911 to please fix a bad marijuana deal story, but I’m putting it up because this is also the part where I admit I’m out of touch.

Daneshia Lachelle Heller, who I should note was walking around with other drugs in her pocket at the time, called the cops to report that she’d been stiffed on a transaction worth a whole 5 dollars. Yes, 5 dollars.

As a person who has only paid for his own weed once in his life (and even that was more than a decade ago), I am completely in the dark as to how much pot one could reasonably expect to obtain for that amount of money. I didn’t buy all that much myself, but I know damn well I paid a lot more than 5 bucks for it. This is Florida, if that makes any difference.

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