So Long, Fat Frank

Well, this is some unexpected and crappy news. ‘FAT’ FRANK IADEVIA, JERSEY ALL PRO WRESTLING PROMOTER, PASSES AWAY

From what I’ve been reading, this took a lot of folks by surprise. If he was sick, it doesn’t seem like many people knew.

I always enjoyed JAPW whenever I’d watch it. Some of the shows felt really damn long, but that’s independent wrestling sometimes.

The one thing that always impressed me was the level of talent they brought in. I can think of quite a few guys who ended up in Ring of Honor, TNA and even WWE who spent time there, often having some pretty darn good or at least fun matches.

I was often a fan of the commentary too. Sometimes it was full of insider references, but they were usually funny when you got them and not presented in that way where the announcers are clearly trying to force feed you the idea that they’re being controversial and therefore cool.

I hope this isn’t the end for the company. They were pretty much hanging on by a thread the last few years as it was after they lost all that money on the Japan tour they helped promote, but it was still nice to see the name pop up each year when they’d run the anniversary shows.

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