Here’s How Canada’s New Cell Phone Contract Rules Work, In Case You’re Like Me And Didn’t Already Know

Generally I’m right on top of this sort of thing, but until this very moment I hadn’t a clue that Canada’s new wireless rules had taken effect. Last I heard, the hopefully doomed to fail appeal of many of the more consumer friendly portions of the code launched by the phone companies was still making […]

Get Your Flu Shot, Everyone

The number of Canadians who died from the flu virus this past winter spiked at 547 — that’s 200 more deaths than last flu season. Health officials say this season’s influenza vaccine didn’t protect against the strain of the virus that infected many Canadians. “Obviously, that’s not the only factor at play, but with no protection from the vaccine, […]

Rex Murphy Is Leaving Cross Country Checkup. I’d Have Said That In Bigger Words, But It’s Early

I’m hardly what you’d call a regular listener, but Rex Murphy retiring as host of Cross Country Checkup on September 20th still qualifies to me as pretty big news just because he’s such a fixture up here. Rex says, “It’s the right time for me to step down.  The continuing conversation I have had every […]

After A Summer Of Saying Mostly Nothing, It’s Time To Talk Wrestling. So More Of The Same, In Other Words

Before we get going, I offer my sincerest halfhearted apologies for things around here being so slow lately. Not only have Carin and I been making up for the last year sucking so badly by trying to make something good out of this one, but to be honest, nobody comes here this time of year […]

I’ll Do The Chopping If You Do The Mixing

Lt. John Deegins said Thompson and Halley were working at Buddy’s Seafood Market when they got into an argument “about the amount of spice to put into the restaurant’s gumbo.” Deegins said the argument “quickly escalated” when Thompson armed himself with a wooden board and Halley with a small pocket knife. The initial altercation ended […]

Down In The Bottom Of The Swamp Swamp Swamp

Tommie Woodward clearly never heard this song as a child. Orange County Justice of the Peace Rodney Price told CNN affiliate KFDM that Woodward ignored verbal warnings and a posted “No Swimming Alligators” sign and seemed to mock the deadly creatures before going in the water. “He removed his shirt, removed his billfold … someone […]