Meet The Tefifon, A Combination 8-Track And Record Sort Of Thing

When I try to name all of the old audio formats I can think of, my list is pretty much just various varieties of records and tapes. I had no idea that around the middle of the 20th century, somebody actually combined the two into something he called the Tefifon. Apparently these things never really […]

Good Tune: Corb Lund – Washed-Up Rock Star Factory Blues

Corb Lund is awesome. Even if you’re not a big fan of country sounding music, he’s probably got a song you’ll like kicking around somewhere. This is a fun one from his new album “Things That Can’t Be Undone”, which came out earlier this month. I didn’t expect that twist at the end. Not that […]

It Was Fun While It Lasted. See You Next Year, Blue Jays

They kept things interesting until the very last second, but it’s all over. The Jays dropped game 6 to the Royals last night, finishing off a pretty fucking fantastic year. When the season started, I had pretty well zero expectations for this team. Neither did you, liar yelling at me through your screen right now. […]