Think Out…Buffering…Buffering…Side The…Buffering…

Who goes into Taco Bell expecting to find WiFi? For that matter, who goes into Taco Bell expecting to find food? I can’t answer that second one, but the answer to the first is apparently Amber Henson, who decided that the flaky internet access at one of the chain’s establishments in Oklahoma was grounds for a good old fashioned lid flippin’.

We’re told Amber Henson recently became upset inside a Taco Bell, because their Wi-Fi wasn’t working.

Police say she chose to take out her anger on a couple of teenagers.  She’s accused of dumping water on a teenage boy inside the restaurant.

Things quickly escalated when that same boy and another teenager walked outside.  Henson was waiting for them and she had a knife. 

She allegedly told the teenagers, “If you want some of me, come on.”

Henson left the scene, without anybody getting stabbed.

She was tracked down with help from the public who identified her thanks to some photos police posted on Facebook. She and the knife found in her sock at the time of her arrest have been charged with assault with a dangerous weapon.

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