Great Minds Think Alike, Because We Tell Them To

I understand that political parties have talking points that everyone is supposed to stick to especially around election time, but this is a little much.

The video, posted by PressProgress, combined speeches uploaded on YouTube this week by 13 MPs, including GTA MPs Mike Wallance, Wladyslaw Lizon, and John Carmichael.
The video includes clips of robots and a news clip of Employment Minister Pierre Poilievre repeating the mantra, “The prime minister has now balanced the budget.”
The MPs’ videos, about 40 seconds long, all end the same way:
“I’m proud to represent you in supporting a government that remains focused on the priorities of Canadians.”

I’m sure that’s totally a coincidence, though. I’ve never known the folks in the PMO to be the overly controlling sort. This just shows how united the party is. Yeah, that’s it. Here’s a link to the story I found the video in, since I couldn’t think of a creative way to slip it in anywhere else.

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