Little Green Gag

Here’s another case of weaponized barf in a cab to go along with the one from earlier this year. It reads nearly identically to that one aside from a couple of small details, leading me to wonder how common this actually is. Not somebody tossing their shooters in a taxi since I know that happens more than you’d think, but getting so mad at the completely justified extra charges that you feel you have no choice but to toss them again.

Police say early Sunday morning a taxi driver picked up a woman who grew nauseous and was provided with a bag to vomit into during the ride home.
Upon arrival, the passenger continued to throw up on the exterior of the vehicle and when the driver requested a cleanup fee the woman became abusive.
Police say that included throwing the full bag of vomit on the driver, covering his clothes, phone, car seat and floor mats.

Selena Narayan-LaChapelle was charged with common assault and was scheduled for a court appearance yesterday.

The fare including VST (vomitous scrub tax) was paid by members of her family.

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