Mild Temper, Medium Temper, Hot Temper

I don’t have anything witty to add to the case of the salsa slasher, so let’s just get right to the details, shall we?

The Northeast Ohio Media Group reports that, Sunday evening, Phyllis Jefferson, 50, let her boyfriend know that he was eating too much of their salsa. He apparently continued to eat the salsa, because Jefferson ended up, allegedly, stabbing him with a pen in his hip for not sharing.
Things only got worse for the 61-year-old boyfriend. Evidently still angry, Jefferson knocked over the couple’s TV. When her boyfriend stood up to catch it, she allegedly grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed him in his stomach.

Jefferson ran off, but was later arrested and charged with one count each of felonious assault and misdemeanor criminal damaging.

The unidentified boyfriend, who was found by police outside the couple’s apartment clutching his stomach while covered with blood, was taken to hospital for treatment.

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