Good Tune: Old Man Luedecke – The Early Days

Old Man Luedecke – The Early Days

I don’t have my own kids, but if I did I might just be feeling old and crying a little right now. As it is, it gets me in my own way. I grew up the oldest kid in my family and for reasons I won’t get into, I often wound up taking care of the younger ones even though I wasn’t all that old myself.

Time really does pass, man. Sometimes it seems like just yesterday I was breaking up a shouting match or convincing one of them that no, you really don’t want to garden hose down the inside of the house because you spilled something on the kitchen floor. But here we are, all grown up, responsible adults. Well, sort of.

A few years ago when Zunior did one of their big Boxing Day sales, I went and bought every Old Man Luedecke album they had based entirely on a couple of songs I’d heard somewhere before. Turned out to be a pretty good investment. I didn’t realize he’d put out something new over the summer. Time to update the collection, I think. The new album is called “Domestic Eccentric”, in case you feel like doing the same.

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