You’re Losing Your Case Today, But We Do Recognize Your Admirable Testicles

In 2012, Jose Banks and another inmate escaped from a prison in Chicago by using a rope made out of bed sheets and dental floss to lower themselves 17 stories to the ground. It was only a matter of days in Banks’ case and weeks for the cellmate before both were recaptured, which seems to […]

It’s Official. You Can Be Thrown Out Of A Kindergarten Concert For Not Being As Smart As The Kids

God, people are awful. I don’t even know what to say right now, so I’m just going to leave this video of some dope getting thrown out of a kindergarten assembly in Perry, Iowa for attempting to shout down a Spanish translator by chanting “English only! USA!” right here. A kindergarten assembly, you guys. Neither […]

Black Friday Body Count: Companies Are Starting To Pander To Us, And That’s Ok

Here’s an article discussing the inevitable. Businesses taking advantage of anti-Black Friday sentiment. I’m fully aware that there are companies that are going to use the public’s growing distaste for the retail holiday and its creep into the real holiday of Thanksgiving as a gimmick to make them appear caring and humane so that we’ll […]

Black Friday Body Count: How To Make Shopping Less Miserable Today, According To Google

This comes my way a little too late to be of much help this year, but if you’re the planning type, it could be good information to keep on hand for 2016. The people at Google crunched some data as the people at Google are fond of doing, and came up with some advice for […]

Black Friday Body Count: A Video Of Videos

Black Friday Total Disaster, Chaos at Walmart A guy runs through some of the riot videos floating around this year and gives his thoughts. If you know anything about my thoughts, you pretty well know what his are going to be. As for the clips, we’ve got gems such as people breaking fences, kids having […]

Black Friday Body Count: If We Don’t Get The TVs Now, We May Never Watch Anything Again

El Paso Walmart Black Friday Chaos I’m not sure how many Walmarts there are in El Paso, so this may come from the same place where that guy tried to fight the cops earlier. I don’t know if the problem is that these people don’t get out but once a year or that things are […]