Do You Hear Any Cursing Out Of This Supposedly Cursing Minions Toy?

I didn’t write about this back in the summer because I wasn’t writing about much of anything at all for a while there, but it’s still relevant enough.

Those Minions toys that McDonald’s was giving out or selling or whatever. People, as people sometimes do, convinced themselves that some of the gibberish they spew sounds an awful lot like cursing. I’m not going to tell you what they think it’s saying until you watch the video, because once you hear the suggestion you can’t unhear it.

A couple of friends of ours were absolutely convinced that it most definitely said “what the fuck,” but in spite of their repeated attempts to persuade us over a nice dinner at Red Lobster, their audio evidence and compelling arguments of “Does so!” and “Come on!” were not enough to get Carin or I on side. I suppose you can make a case for it because there are some similar sounding syllables going on, but I thought it was just nonsense and Carin heard something along the lines of “buck buck buck,” as if the thing were doing its best chicken impersonation.

One thing I noticed though is that in this video, it sounds quite a bit more what the fuckity than it did hearing it out of one of the real toys in person. I’m not accusing this guy of sweetening his audio, but if you’re going to say that’s what you’re hearing it’s certainly easier to pick it out here.

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