When Accessibility Meets Music, You Get…An Album?

Here’s a little quick something to hopefully get me moving.

A week or so ago, Steve found out about this album put out by 13 people who are accessibility keeners, and also like to make music. It’s called Accessibility Rocks, the Web Accessibility album. Each artist has donated a song that they created. The proceeds go to the makers of NVDA, and Parkinson’s UK.

I knew about 2 of the songs on the album. One was one I heard at CSUN. A guy who supports students with disabilities was taking a completely inaccessible PDF and turning it into something readable when he thought that the inaccessible version could be put to music, and voila. The other one is our old pal

Sorry, that was a bit of a blind guy joke. But you’ll probably get it if you watch the video.

Incidentally, I think the video is better than the album version, and I think my tune has changed about the song. I actually think it’s cooler now than I did back then when I wrote this. I don’t know what that says about me. But I still can’t understand the fasst speech part. If I had goldwave, I’d slow that bitch down and figure it out, goddamn it.

I bought the album, and it’s definitely out there. But I could totally see myself grooving to some of the instrumental stuff, and a couple of the other songs definitely have catchy tunes. I need to spend more time with it to appreciate it. But I’m proud to say I own it.

The price is in pounds, so keep that in mind if you go to buy it. Yes they make that very clear, I just thought I’d mention it again in case you’re buying it in a hurry.

So if you want your own copy of Man with Small F or WCAG or the other 11 songs on here, groove on over here and pick one up. I’m ashamed to say there are several names on here I didn’t recognize. I need to start learning about them.

What’s that, NVDA? “Thank you?” Oh, your welcome!

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