When You’ve Been Hit By Lightning Twice, Of Course This Would Be Your Name

The odds of getting struck by lightning once in your lifetime aren’t very good. The odds of getting struck twice are even worse. But this fellow did, and he lived to tell about it. And what are the friggin odds that his name would be Rod? Seriously, his name is Rod. Rod Wolfe.

He comes from Chebanse, Illinois, a place I’ve never heard of. Eighteen years ago he was hit while working at a cemetery, and back in June of this year he got it again when lightning hit a tree in his yard and then traveled into him.

The second one was much worse, he says. He was hospitalized with broken ribs and heart problems, but doctors tell him it could have easily been worse.

“Everybody says I am a lucky person and I say how can I be a lucky person,” Says the guy surviving two lightning strikes. He has a point, though. “But they say yeah, but you survived twice.”

Also a good point.

Still can’t believe his name is Rod.

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