Pull, Pull, Pass

A perfectly last named man was arrested a couple months back for the attempted pilfering of pot from a plant product purveyor.

John D. Roach was arrested by Cowlitz County Sheriff Office deputies after he attempted to take a jar of marijuana from Maranda’s marijuana dispensary on Westside Highway.
During the attempted robbery an employee, 49-year-old Brenda Young, was lightly injured when she struggled to get the jar away from Roach. She sustained bruises to her ribs and arms.
Roach wasn’t successful in getting the jar away from Young before he left.

When questioned by police, Roach offered up a perfectly reasonable excuse for the aborted heist, telling authorities that he was ready, willing and able to pay for a small amount, but decided when he got there that he wanted more. Unfortunately for him, all he wound up with for his trouble was a charge of robbery.

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