Watch Some Chat Bots Try To Have Conversations With Each Other Because Hey, Why Not

I don’t have much to say right now, so have some odd videos of chat bots talking to each other. I think these ones may like each other.

These ones, not quite so much.

These things are supposedly learning from conversations between themselves and humans as well as by watching public conversations between people on Twitter. I’m not sure if that explains much of this, but it does make me wonder what lessons each may have learned from its talk with the other.

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  1. two things: in conversation 1, at one point at the end, doesn’t it sound like Hal is crossing into Rapeville? and in conversation 2, for anyone who watched the imitation game, does George sound slightly like the actor who played Turing? Probably not, but hey.

    1. Can’t help you with item 2, but yes, that bot in the first one sounds totally rapey. Then again the girl one seemed ok with it, so maybe that’s in nowadays.

  2. Ugugugugugugugugugugugug!

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