In The Event Of A Water Landing…

Here’s a strange one.

A police report says passengers and airline employees told officers Rubin had been sleeping for most of the flight. About 30 minutes before landing, they said, he stood up and began urinating through the crack between the seats in front of him – and onto the passengers sitting there.
The report says he lost his balance and fell backward, splashing urine on passengers, seats and luggage.

What’s strange isn’t that homeboy just up and started whizzing on people, but that there seems to be a complete lack of explanation as to why he might have done so. There’s no mention of alcohol, drugs, previous disturbances or any sort of agitation in the article. He was sleeping, then he peed on some folks, then he fell over mid stream and then he was sleeping again, so deeply that the cops had to wake him up when they came to collect him. All he was charged with was a count each of criminal mischief and offensive littering, so there’s no explanation there, either. The only conclusion I can logically come to is he must have been sleeping the entire time, which should make all the sleep walking and sleep talking people of the world feel a bit better about themselves.

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  1. Duuuuude. That was the day after I flew into Portland for the reunion. I’m so glad I wasn’t on *that* flight…wonder if any of us were. I know someone mentioned it Saturday morning.

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