Uncover Letter

Call me out of touch, old fashioned, whatever you like. But for some foolish reason, I still like to think that in my world, there live a few people smart enough not to keep naked pictures of themselves on their phones. Naked pictures of themselves that they might later accidentally text to the human resources manager down at the company that’s offering them a job, for instance. Er…make that the company that had been offering them a job, because shockingly, human resources managers don’t take kindly to unsolicited naked selfies from applicants.

The human resources manager informed Elmhurst police of the incident on Aug. 14, according to police records.
The HR manager reported that the man sent her two nude photographs of himself via text between Aug. 11 and Aug. 13, according to the police report.
“There was a conditional offer of employment made to this particular applicant,” Elmhurst Police Chief Michael Ruth said. “He texted the HR director and sent a nude photo of himself.”
When the man followed up the next morning with a phone call, Ruth said, company officials saw the number on the caller ID and realized he was the nude selfie sender.

When questioned, the unidentified man admitted to sending the texts, saying they were meant for someone else.

No charges were filed over the incident, which is a lucky break for our hero and his slippery fingers since paying a lawyer just got a lot more difficult.

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