Strange Crime Sprees And My Own Mini Concert Spree

Some good stuff from Cracked here. 6 Totally Confusing Crime Sprees That Are Baffling Police

I have faint memories of the pecker plant guy, the Ohio pooper isn’t the only one doing that (there was a guy shitting on playground slides in Michigan though he’s apparently been caught) and I knew smart car tipping was a thing although not this much of one, but the rest of these are new to me.

Enjoy that, because you may not hear from me for a while. As I mentioned on Twitter last night, tonight is the second of three straight nights of concerts. Last night was Alan Doyle and Barenaked Ladies here in Kitchener (my second time seeing Alan Doyle although it’s the third if you count the Great Big Sea show we went to and second time seeing BNL), tonight is the Irish Rovers in Brantford (fourth time seeing them, second time this month) and Friday is the KW Comedy Festival preview show at the soon to be closing Waterloo Inn. I gave more than a moment’s thought to heading back to Centre in the Square to see Whitehorse on Saturday, but I have other things I need to do this weekend and I don’t want to die, so something had to give somewhere. Sorry, Whitehorse. I hope you come back someday so we can make this right.

I’ve gotten out of the habit of writing about the shows I go to because really, how many times can you say that was fun before it gets old? But yeah, last night was a good time. My favourite parts were when the two bands played together including Alan Doyle taking some of the Steven Page parts of Lovers In A Dangerous Time and hearing Laying Down To Perish live again.

It’s such a sad song, but while it definitely brings down a room, it does it more with power and thoughtfulness than that feeling of Jesus, we’re here to have fun and you lay this on us, you mopey bastard that you sometimes run into.

Alright, I have to do dishes and pack some things and do some other stuff I’m probably forgetting, so I’m going to go now. Have fun doing whatever it is you’re doing.

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