Imagine Riding A Bus With A Moose…

I finally know what this video

is about.


This is a Norwegian video that shows all sorts of animals with a harness, such as a burrow, a duck, a yak or an ox, a moose/elk, ostrich, etc. They all have a person with them as though the person shown next to them is using these more exotic animals as their guide. There are all sorts of unexpected, humorous things happening with the animals in the video, such as the animal leaving droppings on the floor, eating hay in a restaurant and charging at the red table cloth as though it were a red cape in the bull ring, the large antlers of the moose making it difficult to see out to the back of a bus for the driver, etc. Finally the scene at the end shows a taxi pulling up in front of a guide dog team and then has a close up of the dog with the caption “It could have been worse, it is only a dog we would like to bring with us”

Friggin great. I’d like to show this to cabbies who are worried about a little dog hair on the car floor, or people all worked up about bringing a dog into a restaurant.

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