Super Heroes

And now, a few words from Gill. Be safe, everyone.

When I was a kid I used to watch shows with well defined good and evil. He Man fought Skeletor, Bionic Six had Herim Scarem, and Inspector Gadget had Dr. Claw.

Grown Up

When I started making my way through the vortex of chaos known as reality I noticed some common ground between what I knew as a kid, and what I know now. Sadly there’s no He Man to fight evil, or Inspector Gadget, well Penny and Brain, to fix things in less than half an hour. Reality doesn’t work that way.

Terror In Paris

On Friday November 13 an act of pure evil was committed against one of the most beautiful cities. Many people were left with a choice, stay home scared to walk even to their mailboxes, or to go about the business of life. Many chose to be real life heroes, and go about their lives, stopping to remember, however reminding themselves that “we can’t let evil win.`


I, wanting just to go about the business of life, phoned my dad Tuesday night, and we talked. I also refused to wait things out in fear. I had things to do, places to go, and of course my own super hero to be.

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