6 Things That Have Nothing To Do With Thanksgiving But We’re Going To Say They Do Because It’s That Time Of Year And We Need The Clicks

I’ve seen websites go to some pretty great lengths to tie content into a holiday theme, but this is one of the weirdest listicles I’ve ever seen.

In an attempt to make you feel better about having to spend time with your family on Thanksgiving, the Crime Feed blog which can be pretty good sometimes put together a list of 6 DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILY CRIMES THAT’LL MAKE YOU APPRECIATE YOUR OWN BROOD THIS THANKSGIVING.

“This could be fun and whimsical,” you may be thinking to yourself. and if you’re a fan of murder, then you’ll be soaking in whimsy until everyone else wakes up from their turkey coma. But if you’re looking for anything about Thanksgiving, you’re shit outa luck, I’m afraid. Exactly 0 of the crimes have anything to do with Thanksgiving, only fitting into the holiday spirit narrative because they’ve been awkwardly shoehorned into it by the person who created it in the hopes of cashing in on people Googling the word Thanksgiving.

It’s not even like the article itself is all that bad. I learned a few things from it. But why couldn’t it just stand on its own? Did it really need the haphazard, poorly thought out clickbaity Thanksgiving theme? Please everyone, don’t do that. And if you ever catch me doing it, please yell at me.

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