Does Breakfast Make Banging Sounds

Are you at all surprised to learn that Anthony Fennick, a 20-year-old man who police say threw eggs, potatoes and fruit at them as they investigated something that may not have had anything whatsoever to do with him, is from Florida? Me neither.

Initially, Fennick approached the deputies and asked why they were there. After giving him an explanation, the deputies said Fennick thanked them and returned to his home.
A short time later, half a potato was thrown at the deputies, landing behind one of their cruisers. Then an egg flew into the scene, hitting a cruiser and nearly hitting two of the deputies.
They searched for the food assailant without luck but found three more eggs, a potato and a piece of fruit that had been thrown.
When deputies continued their search, they reported finding Fennick nearby with an egg in his front pocket.

Feeling that this was sufficient evidence, the officers took time away from the hunt for the mysterious banging noises that brought them there in the first place to charge Fennick with four counts of aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer as well as criminal mischief and loitering. He was being held in police custody in lieu of $7000 bond at last report.

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