Black Friday Body Count: Black Friday, The Movie

Black Friday – Movie Trailer This is fake…I think.

Fake, but also reasonably accurate.

And so begins the 2015 Black Friday Body Count. As much as I’d love for folks to stop acting like savage, barbaric, knuckle dragging goddamned imbeciles in the name of televisions thus rendering this unnecessary, I have to admit it’s nice to be back at it after having to miss out on it last year.

If you’re new, basically what I’m doing here is trying to round up as much Black Friday related stupidity as possible, especially videos of and news stories about riots and other misadventure. So if you come across anything online or have survived to share a tale or two of your own, hit the contact page, look for the heading that says Steve and let me have it. And don’t forget to check back throughout the day to see what else I’ve found, because as sure as their are cheap computers, there will be people maiming one another over cheap computers.

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