Black Friday Body Count: Companies Are Starting To Pander To Us, And That’s Ok

Here’s an article discussing the inevitable. Businesses taking advantage of anti-Black Friday sentiment.

I’m fully aware that there are companies that are going to use the public’s growing distaste for the retail holiday and its creep into the real holiday of Thanksgiving as a gimmick to make them appear caring and humane so that we’ll want to spend money with them instead of with the jerks who open when the rest of us are turkeying and footballing, and you know what? I’m fine with that. We all, or at least those among us with any media awareness, know what’s going on here. No business, no matter how principled, doesn’t want us to spend money with them. We know we’re being marketed to. But we also know what Black Friday has become. And sometimes it’s just nice to know that the powers that be, the ones who benefit the most from this shitty spectacle, are listening. If it means that the poor checkout girl at my local Target doesn’t have to deal with three times the normal amount of abuse when she just wants to be home with the kids or that the good sized stock boy doesn’t have to become the improvised security guard that gets killed when the doors fall down, market to me all day long.

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