Honey, The Lamp Is Broken. Can You Run To HMV?

I used to spend a lot of time in record stores, but like everyone else I gradually did so less and less and had pretty much given up altogether by the mid 2000s. The only time you’ll find me in one nowadays is Christmas when I need a gift for someone who hasn’t figured out iTunes yet. And boy, are they ever different places than they used to be, especially the chains like Sunrise (which I believe is all but dead now) and HMV. But even though I know they sell a lot of strange, sometimes completely unrelated to music whatsoever things in there, this year’s HMV Black Friday press release still reads really weird. I’ll spare you the whole thing and just give you the important part.

—  30% off select Cookie Jars, Pillows, and Blankets
—  25% off select Lamps

Now in all likelihood most of these things have pictures of your favourite band on them, but who the fuck goes into HMV intending to buy a cookie jar? I guess somebody must since last I heard the place was doing alright for itself, but seriously, what the hell?

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