Lay Off The Bob Marley, Get Home Safely

If you’re driving to the store today so you can KO somebody’s grandmother for nicking the last holiday themed pickle tray or doing any driving at any time for any reason, beware of Bob Marley. Specifically, beware of “Is this Love”.

According to a survey sponsored by a British insurance company, what you’re listening to right now is one of the most dangerous songs you can drive to. You’d think it would be something faster or louder and you wouldn’t be wrong since that presents its own problems, but the explanation goes that Bob Marley is relaxing, causing people to make bad driving decisions which account for a lot of accidents and close calls. Faster pop or rock music like Britney Spears and AC/DC who were also cited tend to make people drive faster, which seems much more obvious.

So what do I do if I don’t want to die on my way to a Black Friday riot where somebody will kill me? Listen to instrumental music, because words are distracting, they say. Also, keep the volume low and don’t listen to anything that’s too fast. Anything below 130 beats per minute should be ok as long as you’re not singing or brutalizing your hearing in the process.

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