This Is A Robbery! Put All The Money Into The Account I Hold Here!

Even though it’s pretty clear that the answer is nothing, I’d still love to know what was going through Paul Neaverson’s head as he planned his daring bank heist.

Not having the money he needed to fly to the sight of a job interview, Neaverson, 61, walked himself into a NatWest bank and demanded money. Depending on which telling of the story you read, his demand consisted of him drawing a knife, pointing it at the clerk and then either asking that money be put on the counter or into his NatWest bank account or skipping the counter entirely and just heading straight to Dumbberg.

He was also responsible for another failed robbery at a bank about 400 feet away from that one, but it doesn’t appear that he asked for the money to be provided in the same way in that case. He doesn’t have an account there yet, I guess. Maybe after he gets that job he’s been after.

Getting that job will take at least two years, however, as Neaverson will be spending that much time in jail after pleading guilty to two counts of attempted robbery and one count of possession of a blade.

Just for fun, let’s hear from his lawyer, a man who seems just as amazed as the rest of us and has clearly got nothin’.

“It was ridiculous. It only had one ending – and here it is. He has led a law-abiding life and now finds himself staring down the barrel of a very long sentence indeed.”

When your own lawyer is calling you ridiculous, you should maybe count your lucky stars that you only got two years.

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