So Long, Scott Weiland

One of my favourite songs as a teenager. Still love it.

That Scott Weiland died young is no surprise. If I had a celebrity death pool, he’d have been on my list for sure. But expecting something to happen doesn’t make that thing suck any less when it does. He was such a talented guy that I always had hope that one day he’d get help, it would stick and he’d get himself together, whatever together would have meant for him.

When I was in high school, the main guitarist in the band I was in decided we should do a Stone Temple Pilots song. We narrowed it down to either Creep or Big Empty, but in the end we never managed to get either one down to the point where we were happy with it. Maybe it’s just as well. Not sure I’d have been able to do either one justice, though I guess that doesn’t explain some of the stuff we did do.

I can’t remember why we didn’t take a crack at Interstate Love Song, but now I wish we had.

When he died, he was touring with a new band and a bunch of new songs. I heard a couple of them and while they didn’t do much for me just hearing them once or twice, I respect the fact that in spite of all his problems, he never seemed to let himself get musically bored or fade into obscurity. It felt like he still had a lot of music left in him. Shame we’ll never get to hear the rest of it.

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      1. Yup can’t think of the other time, but it’s happened before. It’s like my mom. If she writes down a good line for a eulogy, boom! Someone dies pretty quickly after.

        1. Do these things just come to her out of the blue or does she actually sit around going “man, when George dies…”? And is it that she comes up with a line and the person she has in mind dies or does she put pen to paper and some poor random bastard had better be getting his affairs in order?

          1. lol. It’s more like she’s watching TV, and someone dies on the show and they have a eulogy, and she likes a line in it, so she writes it down, kinda the way dad mines the internet way too much for quotes. It’s like gee that might come in handy if I ever have to talk at a funeral. I think dad may have had to talk at more funerals from Lions’ years ago so this may have been where that came from. Then, the next day, some older friend or lion dude kicks it and we tell mom to stop looking for good lines.

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