It’s That Time Again!

Gill is here to muse about gifts and wish everyone happy holidays.

Time to trim that tree and light the Minora, because it’s going to get awkward!

That Cool Factor

Imagine it’s Christmas or Chanukah and you come to open your gifts. Guess what you find? You now are the first among your friends to receive the latest Iphone. Or maybe cool factor happened in your childhood when your family became the first on the block to get a Nintendo or Atari. Either way you had something to lord over Misty in accounting or that nasty Amy down the block.

It’s a sentimental Thing

Maybe your gift holds something emotional, like when your great-aunt Florence gave you that ceramic dish painted in your favorite colors. For me there’s two, a blue-black sweater fraying at the sleeves from my grandmother, and slippers from that same grandmother before cancer claimed her.


These are those gifts that make you cringe just thinking of them. You know aunt Linda means well, but a gym membership, really? Last year I gave my dad underwear, but not just any kind, with junk protectors. Awkward!

Avoid The Awkward

1 Know the persons likes or dislikes.

2 Think outside the box, but not to far outside to create discomfort.

3 Listen for hints to get ideas.

4 Above all have fun.

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