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I thought I’d pass on a couple of Uber-related things that I have figured out. I am happy to say I really haven’t had any worse of an experience than I’ve had with cabs, and most of the Ubers have been way better. I’m very thankful, though, that I never had to deal with this disgusting fellow.

First, a few app versions ago, I noticed that it was friggin impossible to hit the call driver button. This is problematic, because that’s the big way Uber kicks cab companies’ butts, and without that contact, it can cause drivers to cancel rides etc. I eventually noticed that Uber uses the same phone number to connect passengers with drivers. As long as you’re in this city, it uses a certain number, to route all the calls through, connecting drivers with passengers. So, for fun, I added it to my contacts. And now, when I request an Uber, if I need to get a hold of the driver, I can just go to my contacts, tap Uber, and it calls the driver. Awesome! Of course, when I’m in another city, that won’t work, but hey, most of my Uber-ing is around this city.

I had also heard a couple of months ago that not only can we rate our drivers, but they can rate us. I hadn’t figured out how we could discover what our rating was, until a couple of weeks ago. I really wanted to know, since I was afraid my having a guide dog might cause me to get a low rating, which might cause drivers to just not take me based on rating alone. I also noticed that it felt like it was taking longer and longer to get the request to go from requesting, to here’s your driver. I was afraid my rating was in the basement, and now only the desperate would take me.

So, to get your rating, go to my account, then help, then account, then “I’d like to know my rating” then submit, and voila!

I’m relieved to know I’m a 4.9, so not too shab. It’s more than likely the gouge in my rating came from the poor unfortunate driver on whom I kind of lost it when he couldn’t be bothered to actually come where I was, expecting me to walk 3 parking lots over to find him…while I was loaded down with precariously-balanced trays, hence, um, why I called the Uber. I had a bad day, and I will readily admit I was definitely less than kind.

And on that note, here’s a helpful article on how to keep a 5 star passenger rating.

Seriously, people have to be told not to ask their driver to break traffic laws? There are some arseholes out there.

One more funny Uber-related thought. I can’t count the number of people who are shocked that I’ll just get in this random’s car. I ask them this. Isn’t this less random than the cabs that I used to get into, whose cab numbers I would never know? In this case, I can call the guy whose car I’m getting into, and I have his license plate number! I would have never had that before.

Oh, and Uber, can you include the vehicle’s colour in the little description thing that comes up with the driver’s name? Do you realize how ridiculous it sounds for me to say “Excuse me, do you see a Honda Civic out here in this huge parking lot?” Just a thought.

Other than that, I’m pretty happy, and would be sad to see Uber go.

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  1. You know what’s funny? You’re the one worried about your rating, and you’ve actually got a slightly better one than Dogless Joe over here. I’m a 4.8. If I had to guess why, I’d go with the time I did a nice thing and sent a car for a friend and the driver had trouble finding the person. He didn’t seem the happiest about it when he called me for help, which is understandable. I partially blame all the construction around here, but they can’t rate the LRT so I have no problem taking all the blame for it.

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