The Mystery of Tans’s Dermatitis

Something I mentioned in this huge mass of Tans updates was some dermatitis and some discomfort when I was grooming her. Well, I have an update on that, and since I like capturing this stuff, here we go.

After I noticed the dermatitis, I noticed that she seemed suuuuper tired. It was unreal. She’d come home from work, barely greet Steve and then go to bed and sleep. Even when she was working, it was like she was running on autopilot. Every day, when we get off the bus, we have to walk through a big department store. She managed to get us lost in it. She was not being her Tansy self.

I went back to the vet and they definitely noticed more dermatitis. They put her on antibiotics, and warned me we could be dealing with an allergy. The bumps went away, and Tanseroo was her Tanseroo self.

Unfortunately, not two days after the antibiotics were done, bumps were coming back, along with the lethargy. I was super worried that some nasty germ of some sort had gotten into her bed or grooming supplies.

Then, it dawned on Steve that when I was home for Thanksgiving, dad had given me a new collar that he said would make her show up at night better. It was after that that we noticed the dermatitis and the whining while grooming. We started to wonder if she was allergic to the collar! Never have I removed a collar so fast. The results were almost instantaneous! She hasn’t whined since, she has her energy back, and I can’t find the dermatitis.

So now the question remains. What material is in that collar? I’d like to know so we can figure it out. And how in hell did an antibiotic fight an allergy? Is that possible? Maybe I have to do some reading.

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  1. I’m so glad that light bulb went on when it did and that it was the right one, because the prospect of boiling and sterilizing and laundering everything we owned was not something to which I was looking particularly forward. I mean if it’s in the beds or the grooming kit then obviously it’s on her and she’s all over pretty much everything here, so eventually you get to a point where you’re better off torching the place for the insurance money because cleaning everything properly would be impossible.

    As for what’s in that collar, you don’t suppose your dad remembers the brand name, do you? If we know that then we can probably search out what it’s made of. Then again I guess any random set of eyes could solve that mystery so long as the thing’s got a logo of some sort on it.

    Glad you’re back to yourself again, Shmans! Today’s 4:15 A.M. emergency trip to the john excluded, of course.

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