Driving A Cab Can Be Such A Drag…

Hehehehehe! This video was posted to my Facebook timeline.

I couldn’t help but laugh. If this was making fun of last week’s out of control taxi driver protest, I love it. I love it a lot.

Let’s talk about that protest for a minute because it was nuts.

The cab drivers are upset that Uber is here, and they’re still limited by the bylaws. I got that. But the insanity that they went to does not make me want to get into a cab. Seriously, do you think hitting cops and blocking ambulances makes me feel safe riding with you?

And let’s take apart this one taxi driver’s words, because it’s fun.

He says over and over that he was just trying to get a point across…but never tells us that point. The point I got was that he had lost his goddamn mind and needs to stop driving anything. He also said he hoped the Uber driver would talk to him, but the driver didn’t want to face the music. Yeah, and a sure way to open a dialog is to pound on the windshield and try to force the driver’s door open, then cling to the mirror. I don’t know a lot of people who would think “Gee I should roll down the window and talk to this charming fellow.” This guy went as far as to say that Uber is ISIS. Yup, you’ve gone right around the bend.

I hope the bylaws can get adjusted so both services can live in harmony and have healthy competition, but man, did those taxi drivers do a lot to smash the image of a safe, legal alternative to Uber.

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  1. What music was he supposed to face, Metal Machine Music? It’s loud, obnoxious and nonsensical, so would work based on what I’m seeing here.

    Seriously, if the protesting cab drivers were smart, they’d have staged the most peaceful protest of all time, up to and including driving people around the city for free to show them what a pleasant, convenient experience taking a taxi can be. As it is, the only point they’ve made that will stick with me is that these fuckers are certifiable and under no circumstances should I ever get into one of their vehicles.

    1. I’m not even sure how much that would help over all, really. I mean take the taxi situation up here for reference. I’ve met some wicked awesome drivers. I mean, one used to insist on helping me carry my groceries into the house for crying in the sink. But to get to that point, I need to jump through about 6 different hoops with Ottawa’s one dispatch office who may or may not actually feel like dispatching today. I can see it maybe helping the man on the street who needs to get places in a right the hell now, but John Q. Passenger who’s gotta be at work in an hour? Not quite.

      1. Every city I’ve lived in has had some great cab drivers. It’s them I feel bad for. And it’s them that the rest of these fucknuggets are doing no favours for, which is why I say they really ought to have dialed the protest down about 73 notches. You know how people like to generalize, and because of that the dude who carried your groceries inside may as well have grabbed a car and made an ISIS analogy.

    1. I think Uber’s splashing out a pretty good chunk of change on ads right now. I’ve been seeing them all over the place for a while, here and elsewhere on all sorts of stuff that has nothing whatsoever to do with taxis or Uber or even driving. It reminds me a bit of election season when even the crudest thing you can write has vote for me ads all over it.

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